Is it patio weather yet?

So, I was out driving today, trying to stay focused on the road and watch for patches of ice, while trying to admire the gorgeousness that ice on trees creates (without crashing!), thinking about winter and its impact to the local restaurant scene.  This time of year can be a tough one for local businesses, especially those who thrive in warm weather.  While we can all recall that perfect meal that happened while sitting outside at our favorite place, or longingly think about the restaurant that we walk to all summer, we often go into hibernation mode in the winter, just when our favorites need us most.

As many who know us know, we can often be found sitting on the patio at Basi, enjoying cocktails mixed up by one of our favorite guys, John, debating whether we are going to get the zucchini tonight or not (the answer is yes way more than no).  But what people often don’t know is that you are as likely to find us there in January as you are in June.  Yep, the patio is open year round. You might have a heater warming you while you dine or a blanket wrapped around your legs, but there is a whole different experience sitting there that shouldn’t be missed.  And, the winter dinners are what make the summer ones possible.

So, the next time you are debating what to do for dinner – think about your favorite local place and stop in for a bite – they will appreciate it and you might find a whole new experience that is worth repeating. And, there are lots of great winter deals happening around town this winter too – have you checked out Fudha’s deal for February? Referrals earn you even more all month!  Or what about the prix fixe menus at Basi Italia or Latitude 41? What a great way to experience dining around town at a value price.  Have you noticed that Cafe Corner is open early now? What a great place to grab breakfast on your way to work, and, if you are smart, some hot chocolate, which is spicy, warm and delicious!  There is also plenty of great information over at Taco Trucks Columbus about the trucks that are open all winter – many of our favorites are cooking all year-round for us. And, if they can brave the cold, shouldn’t we?

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One Response to Is it patio weather yet?

  1. Cris says:

    At M we are very fortunate because of the residents at Miranova…during this time of crazy weather they can just walk over and have dinner and fabulous cocktails while everyone else in the city has to drive. 🙂 And, our patio is awesome in the summer. Look forward to showing it off to you, sooner than later !!
    ~cris dehlavi

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